Setup for crypto mining on GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P motherboard: BIOS settings

When machine learning turns to mining,

Recently, I turned my desktop hardware which I assembled to learn AI into a mining rig. Most of the time, the desktop is sitting idle since my full time job is not on machine learning. So, it makes sense to mine on the hardware when I don’t use. I bought a couple of GPUs: 1050 Ti’s since, it is the only one available in market for a decent price, bought some pcie 1x to 16x risers and hooked up all those to make a mining rig. Here are the motherboard settings which worked for me to get it up and running with nicehash/ethminer. The motherboard is GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P with 6 PCIE slots.

  • Enter BIOS by pressing F12 while boot, click ‘Enter Setup’bootmenu_z370_mining
  • On the first tab ‘Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker’ click on ‘Miscellaneous Settings’pcie_gen2_for_mining_z370_hd3p
  • Choose Max link Speed to Gen2: default is Gen3, GPU don’t need Gen3 speed for mining. pcie_to_gen2_z370hd3p_mining
  • On BIOS tab, CSM support to Enabled and Fast boot to Disabledbios_settings_z370_hd3p_mining
  • On Peripherals tab, Graphics to internal Intel HD (IGFX) and 4G decoding to Enabled. Connect Display to Motherboard HDMI slot. peripheral_settings_z370_hd3p_mining
  • On Chipset tab, Enable Internal GFX. Save and Reboot.chipset_settings_z370_hd3p_mining

Install the drivers for GPU on device manager (right click on unknown device and click ‘Update driver’), If windows does not install it by default. Install nicehash miner and you are ready for mining.