Removing noise from video file in Linux using Audacity and kdenlive

Note: This is in Ubuntu 16.04

Removing the static noise picked up by the microphone is essential before uploading youtube videos since youtube does not allow editing audio track after the upload. It stopped allowing annotations in videos too, so the only way to remove noise after uploading is to take down the video and upload a new video. Unfortunately I had to do the same, just explaining here how to do the editing using freeware in ubuntu.

To remove noise, we need two software,

1)Audacity – Install it from Ubuntu Software
use audacity to remove noise


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kdenlive

Initial step is two create a audio file which is free from noise from the video file using Audacity.
Open Audacity-> File->Open (open video file)

audacity noise removal

Select noise as shown in fig above; Effect->Noise Reduction: Step 1 – Get Noise Profile (this will tell audacity which is the noise signature)
Noise Reduction_audacity

Deselect the noise (click anywhere outside the selection); Effect->Noise Reduction: Step 2 – OK (keep default settings or change Noise reduction settings in db for more attenuation)

noise attenuated file audacity

File->Export Audio->Save as noise_free.mp3


We use kdelive to merge the noise free audio track to the video track.

Open kdelive,
menu->Projects->Add clip->Add the original video with noisy audio
menu->Projects->Add clip->Add the noise free audio file (noise_free.mp3)
kdelive creating new audio track for youtube video in ubuntu

Drag the video to Video 1, drag noise_free.mp3 to Audio 1, mute Video 1 audio track. Go to project Monitor as press play button to check the new audio.

kdelive create videos for youtube with changing audio track

To save the new video Click on Render-> Render into a file (keep default settings or change settings whichever needed for file format)

See the comparisons below.

with noise
noise removed